A practical guide on validating business ideas using Reddit and other communities

+ a checklist as a template in Notion

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The story

Our team uses Reddit to validate ideas for the last 2 years. We launched 5 projects, including a "cash cow" Email Verification Add-on and a micro-saas Silent Inbox.

I believe it's the simplest and cheapest approach available on the market. So I decided to form our knowledge into a guide anyone can use.

I structured this guide around Reddit because it has nearly 300M users and 11B page views according to Similarweb stats. Yet, you can use this guide to research and plan text or visual content, templates, no-code apps to other communities, forums, and groups where your audience hangs out.

These posts brought us tens of email subscribers for a mental health app we didn't launch yet. That's what you need before investing in development

In this guide, I share everything I know about researching, writing, getting attention, and engage with people on Reddit to validate your idea.

In an hour you’ll learn:
Basic rules to get startedHow to research relevant subredditsHow to evaluate them to find the most performing subsHow to plan and write content with CTAsHow to write titles to get people's attentionHow to find the best time for publishingTools + a spreadsheet for subs evaluationHow to keep engagement rate highA plan for your experiment that includes 5 subreddits, 2 pieces of content, 5 titles for each.
Did I mention it takes 3 hours to prepare for the first shot?

As a bonus get a final checklist as a template in Notion.

Duplicate the final checklist to your workspace in Notion

If you're keen to learn, get the guide

New. As a bonus get a final checklist as a template in Notion


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Here is how I research subreddits and evaluate them for ideas validation

1. When I have an idea to validate I write down at least 5 keywords related to it. Example terms I used last week: “meditation”, “breathwork”, “breathing technique”, “anxiety”, “stress”. Enter one keyword at a time into the search bar and it will give you a list of subreddits where your keyword is mentioned.

2. Find at least 5 subreddits with people who discussed your topic. Make a copy of a spreadsheet. And collect information about the number of readers. Pro tip: don't waste your time on subreddits with less than 10K readers.

3. Go to Related Subreddits by User Overlap. You need to check every subreddit you found by searching your terms to get more ideas on when your potential audience is hanging out.

4. Read posts within each subreddit to see if people might be interested in your project. Add subjective relevance to the spreadsheet, where 10 is for super relevant subreddit.

5. Once all numbers are added to the spreadsheet, sort your list of subreddits based on the Score it calculates for you.

Congrats, now you are ready to pick the most relevant subreddits, plan content, write a title, research the best time to post, etc.

We evaluated subreddits to post content and get attention to the guide

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A guide on validating project ideas using Reddit


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